Static Cling Deacls


Static Cling Decals are the perfect solution for an easy to install and easy to remove decal. Static clings can be removed and stored for future use in environments where a short sign solution is needed.

Unlike standard vinyl which uses adhesive to stick to your surface, static cling decals feature no adhesive. This makes them suitable for quick install, re-positioning, and reuse.


While appropriate for many uses, static cling decals are not a intended to replace permanent solutions. The lack of adhesives means they must be applied to clean and smooth surfaces. Even though these decals are good for both indoor and outdoor use, we recommend a moisture free environment to ensure continued adherence to the applied surface.

Everything Sale

Everything Sale | Decal

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Store Name - Chasteen's | Decal

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Percentage Sale

Percentage Sale | Decal

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Sales Circles

Sale Circles | Decal

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